Tile,grout,countertop,& backsplash cleaning

We specialize in grout cleaning. Our self-contained high pressure, high heatgrout cleaning tools quickly dissolve dirt, grease and grime and leaves your floors looking new once again.  We use safe products that won't harm your family or pets.. We also use an oxidizer under 800-1200 pounds of pressure utilizing specific tools and attachments.  The cleaning results speak for themselves. Whether your tile is in your kitchen, bathroom, or some other area of your home, Those stubborn stains, embedded bacteria, and germs don't stand a chance. Your tile and grout will look very much  like the day it was installed.

Oriental / Rug Cleaning

Whether its an expensive oriental or simply a normal synthetic rug, we have many different processes to clean whatever type of rug it is. Not all rugs should be cleaned the same, the dyes can run, or the rug can even turn brown if not cleaned correctly. We know how to clean rugs, we have even cleaned  rare 18th century oriental rugs. If you have a  dirty rug...we can clean it!

Pet / odor removal

Sometimes a basic cleaning will not get rid of those nasty odors. We have many different approaches in destroying unwanted odor problems. We have the right  prescription to help destroy those nasty odor problems!

carpet cleaningspecialist

Carpet cleaning is what we do, and we do it right the first time. Each job includes a heavy duty pre-spray to help loosen up soil and stains so not only will we get out the dirt and grime that you can see, but we will also help to remove those things you can't see. Like dust mites; pollen, dog or cat dander, germs, and bacteria, urine, vomit, or worse. A professionally cleaned carpet can help to improve the air quality in your home. It may also make all the difference in brightening up a room and freshening up your home. Think about it the next time your child is crawling around on the carpets.

upholstery cleaning

Whether your toddler used your new couch for their finger painting canvas or you just want to freshen up that old cozy recliner. Upholstery cleaning will not only clean up all of that dead skin that everyone sheds every day, but it will also provide a new found joy in your existing furniture. Professional furniture cleaning is worth the expense because it will extend the life and love of your current upholstered furniture.

Did you know a person sheds about  1 & 1/2 grams of skin per day which dust mites eat and then multiply on. It's their droppings that can causes respiratory issues. For visual purposes a dollar bill is 1 gram.How much dead skin is in your upholstery?

water remediation

Here at Pro-Cleaners Restoration Services we understand the devastating effects a flood can have not only on your home, but on your emotional well being and the health of your family as well.

We have the equipment and the experience necessary to handle your water and remediation situations, and you can count on us 24/7 to save your home. We have the  knowledge, expertise, and experience to get your home dry and mold free in the least time possible.

Did you know that it takes about 24 - 48 hours for black mold to grow. The longer you wait to call a professional to mitigate your situation, the better chance you have at those black mold spores becoming airborne. Once airborne if they get into your air duct system you could potentially find black mold in every room of your home. So don't delay and CALL NOW!